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Lyrique 925c Bb Bass Clarinet to Low C

The Lyrique Low C bass may be the best value on the musical instrument market today.


The Lyrique's  scale, even response, and beauty of tone is the equivalent of professional basses costing thousands more. And unlike the wood bodies of those expensive clarinets, the bore of the Lyrique will remain stable year round, and the body will be crack free.


The mechanism is durable and beautifully made, and with the stability of the pure, natural, hard rubber body  your new Lyrique Low C bass will be a clarinet for a life time.


Features include: double register key, adjustable neck for tuning and ergonomically convenient right hand thumb mechanism. The durable, hard-shell wood case gives the bass excellent protection. For those who have always wanted or needed a low C bass but have never been able to afford the "high-priced spread", the Ridenour Lyrique Low C bass is the solution.


Ridenour Lyrique Bb low C Bass Clarinet, with case, T-54 midline bass mouthpiece and accessories: $2,850.00 plus shipping.

Ridenour Lyrique Bb low C Bass Clarinet, with case, professional handmade bass clarinet Mouthpiece: $2950.00 plus shipping.



Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax

Please read David Spiegelthal's independent review of the Lyrique 925c low C bass here, Please keep in mind the bass has received many improvements since this review posting in 2012.


Read professional clarinetist, Josh Jöhnson's review of the Lyrique low C bass.