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These include the world's largest selling reed finishing system, the ATG System. This method of finishing will give you the knowledge and means to fine balance and finish reeds with an ease you never dreamed was possible. As incredible as this claim sounds those who purchase the ATG system commonly write us to tell us the system is better than we claim.


If you are constantly buying reeds and finding only a few are worth playing, if you save your best reeds for concerts and play on inferior, poor sounding and responding reeds for practice, if you're frustrated by all the reed finishing methods you have used and all the money they have cost you, then the ATG system will be the end of your search. If you want to be able to create excellent reeds on demand the ATG system is the answer to your prayers. You won't believe how easy it is to fine finish one great reed after another with this finishing method that is nothing short of miraculous. If you're ready to end your reed problems forever then you'll find the ATG system is for you.


Along with the ATG System you'll also find a page dedicated to accessories for the ATG system and the finishing tool kit for young players.


If you have trouble with right hand position, issues of tension or tendonitis, or relaxation of the right hand you'll be amazed at what an improvement you'll find in reduced tension of increased facility with the Ridenour Thumb Saddle.


Please give your attention to Ultimax---the absolute finest cork lubricant we at RCP have ever found or used. Normally, we don't sell anything we haven't designed, created, or made ourselves, but Ultimax is so good it constitutes the one exception. A great cork lubricant won't solve the world's problems by any means, but it's a good start.


Finally, check out the Ivorolon barrels. Made of pure natural hard rubber and acrylic flush bands you'll find the responsiveness, the beauty of tone, and the year round dimensional stability will  be a great improvement on the barrels you presently play...what's more, their 19th century retro-look is a very cool cosmetic addition to your clarinet.