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Clicking the drop down menu you will find three outstanding educational products that will help you learn and better understand the clarinet, teach and play the clarinet better, and develop the skills you need to do basic clarinet repair and adjustments, and keep your clarinet in top playing condition.


On the repair videos page you will find two products. The first is a one DVD set that will give you the knowledge and skill to do basic clarinet maintenance and keep your clarinet in excellent condition in between artist overhauls.


The second product is a three DVD set, teaching and demonstrating all but the most complicated repair operations on the clarinet.


This three DVD set will give you the information you need to become an excellent clarinet repair tech and be able to perform as much as 90% of the repair and maintenance on your clarinet and the clarinets of your students.


Both these videos are designed to save you money, and even give you the skills to make you money and provide a secondary or even primary source of income---all for an amazingly low price.