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Ridenour Custom


Bb Clarinet Barrels

Tonal and Response Characteristics

When most players compare the Ridenour Ivorolon barrels to standard Grenadilla barrels they find Ivorolon barrels to be darker, more resonant and tonally more stable, while at the same time producing a more responsive, resonant tone of greater clarity. To most  player's amazement they also find that, despite the Ivorolon's improved resonance and responsiveness, it also produces rounder, fuller, more pleasant sounding upper clarion and third register tones, and significantly reduces potential harshness at higher dynamic levels.


Stability and Logistical Advantages

The advantages don't stop with the superior playing characteristics of the Ivorolon barrels. Unlike Grenadilla (or any other wood) which can fluctuate in bore dimensions as much as 5 to 7 thousandths due to extreme weather conditions and changes in humidity and barometric pressure, Ridenour Ivorolon barrels remain dimensionally stable year round and are largely unaffected by temperature and humidity. This increased stability means greater performance consistency and security for the clarinetist. In contrast, wood barrels can fluctuate dramatically and even deteriorate irreversibly due to changes caused by extreme weather and atmospheric conditions.

Ivorolon Tenon Rings

The durable, innovative, retro style of the Ivorolon tenon rings not only adds elegance and uniqueness to the look of the barrel, their reduced weight and density also facilitate greater responsiveness and resonance than metal rings.

to the clarinet.

The Bottom Line

So, with the new Ridenour Ivorolon Bb clarinets barrels you can have all the things you want in tone, tuning and response and none of the things you don't want, such as dimensional instability, loose rings and cracking. This means the Ivorolon barrels will give you

years and years of consistent playing satisfaction!


Bore Styles/ Barrel Lengths

Ivorolon Barrels come in two bore styles; C and R.

The C bore works best for players who use smaller bore, higher pitched mouthpieces.

The R is for players who use larger bore, lower pitched mouthpieces.


Ridenour Ivorolon Barrels come in the following lengths:

64, 65, 66, and 67 millimeters


Bores are compatible with most models of A and Bb clarinets.


Please specify length and bore style when ordering. Eg. 64mm, C bore

Ridenour Precision Hand reamed, Hand-crafted Ivorolon Barrels

$85.00 each.

Texas residents please add 8.25% state sales tax